• george lardie

    Musician, Singer, Songwriter, Producer




    Based in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

    Currently releasing two CDs. One called "Wheels of Life" (8 originals) and the other called "Shine" (5 originals)


    "Every tune has a memorable hook, and the sonic presence of electronic keyboards emulating electric guitar and steel guitar is a pleasant addition to this one-of-a-kind collection."

    ~ Hamilton Musician


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  • About George

    Guitarist and Singer-songwriter

    For George Lardie, making music is equal to life itself. From the time he picked up the guitar as a kid he has pursued the life of an artisan and a craftsman.


    For more than four decades George has been covering songs, writing songs, and performing in all kinds of groups and settings across the country. In 1995 he was living out west and was involved in planning the first the Juggernaut Jam, which continues today as the Edge of the World music festival. George has performed and been interviewed on CBC radio. He has played in bands with names like Figs Whit, Borderline, The Charlotte Tones, and Sea Grass. He has lived in Edmonton, Vancouver, The Queen Charlotte Islands and many other western towns, always following his creative dream and drawing inspiration from music.


    George has written about 60 songs of his own, and knows at least 1000 others.

    Listening Samples

    From "Shine"


    That's What I'm Gonna Do


    From "Wheels of Life"


    Mr. Communications Man



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